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As the temperature begins to soar, its a perfect time to rethink your wardrobe, make-up and hairstyles. Long hair sweeping your cheeks and neck is going to become unbearable in hot weather. Change your style to short crops and pulled-back ponytails! Keep in mind that even pulled-back hair needs some styling or it will end up looking dishevelled and unkempt. Mind you, by styling, we don’t mean using heat styling tools.

Seriously minimise the use of styling tools like a hair dryer, hot curlers or a straightener during the hot season! Just think about it. Does your hair really need the torture of extra heat when it's already battling with the scorching sun? Here we share with you the top three styling tips that will keep your hair and you looking cool this hot season:

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    Hair straightening:

    You might be tempted to reach out for a hair dryer or a straightener, but they are absolutely not essential to achieving that perfect straight hair look. Instead, try Sunsilk’s Perfect Straight shampoo and conditioner, with a breakthrough straight-lock technology that keeps your hair at its straightest long after it's dried!

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    Hair curling:

    Curls can certainly define your summer look, especially paired up with a cute summer dress, but you really don’t need hot curlers any more! Scrunch your wet hair with hair styling mousse or gel, or pin it up with a twist for soft curls. If you want deeper curls, go for flexi rods or rollers and finish the look off with a light hold hair spray.

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    Hair up-dos:

    This versatile hairstyle can be worn in several ways, for example a low ponytail on the side, a low bun, or even down. The up-do can add a hint of glamour to any look and is suitable for every occasion. You may want to use a hair dryer to get that perfect up-do, but there are other heat-free options. Take the top section of your hair, back-comb it and use light hair spray to keep it in place while pinning it up for a perfect up-do!

These alternatives will help you say goodbye to the heat of your hair dryer, straightener or hot curlers and say hello to the sun in style!

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