A smiling woman wearing red sunglasses, running a hand through her thick, wavy, brown hair.

Avoid heat this summer

Ditch the heat and watch the difference in your hair!

  • Hair straightening:


    You might be tempted to reach out for a hair dryer or a straightener, but they are absolutely not essential to achieving that perfect straight hair look. Instead, try Sunsilk’s Perfect Straight shampoo and conditioner, with a breakthrough straight-lock technology that keeps your hair at its straightest long after it's dried!

  • Hair curling:


    Curls can certainly define your summer look, especially paired up with a cute summer dress, but you really don’t need hot curlers any more! Scrunch your wet hair with hair styling mousse or gel, or pin it up with a twist for soft curls. If you want deeper curls, go for flexi rods or rollers and finish the look off with a light hold hair spray.

  • Hair up-dos:


    This versatile hairstyle can be worn in several ways, for example a low ponytail on the side, a low bun, or even down. The up-do can add a hint of glamour to any look and is suitable for every occasion. You may want to use a hair dryer to get that perfect up-do, but there are other heat-free options. Take the top section of your hair, back-comb it and use light hair spray to keep it in place while pinning it up for a perfect up-do!