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Brush up on your hair skills

Select the right hair brush for your hair


You may be getting ready for a night out or a big business meeting. You're blow-drying your hair to give it the right volume and hold, but it just won’t stay! Sound familiar? You may not have paid enough attention to the type of hair brush you’re using. Yes! A simple hair brush can make or break a hairstyle. We’ll help you figure out which hair brush will work for your hair type and for the style you want to achieve!

There are all kinds of brushes designed to deal with different types of hair. These include round and flat thermal hair brushes, paddle brushes, wire brushes, oval brushes, sculpting brushes, and cushioned hair brushes. Understanding which one works best for your hair type can make all the difference to the way your hair behaves when you style it. Here are a few basic brushes that are commonly used.

  • 1

    Paddle Brush:

    A paddle brush consists of bristles attached to a soft cushion and is ideal for massaging your scalp, detangling, and smoothing naturally straight hair. Paddle brushes are ideal for blow-drying or straightening your hair.

  • 2

    Vent Brush:

    A vent brush has bristles on one side with vents in between each set of bristles. Vent brushes are available in all shapes and sizes. Most commonly they are used for creating volume from the roots with added direction and movement when blow-drying.

  • 3

    Round Brush:

    A round brush is the most popular hair styling brush because it can create a variety of hairstyles and works well with your hair regardless of its texture. While there exists a variety of round brushes to choose from, all of them smooth and lift your hair, add volume and even curl your hair.

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    Metal Brush:

    Metal Brushes are perfect to putting a finishing touch to your curled hair. Do not use this brush on wet hair as it may cause breakage, but it certainly enhances a curled hairstyle. It can also add height at the roots and add volume to your curls.

Now that you have learnt what type of hair brush is suited for which hairstyle, make sure you get the right one before styling your hair in order to get the best results. Don’t torture your hair with a wrong brush! Use the right one and add that wow factor to your hair!