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Every girl needs a bit of styling for that stunning look regardless of the occasion. Styling doesn't just mean the right clothes, accessories and shoes. These elements are very important, but to complete that perfect look you also need a perfect hairstyle. Have you noticed that when styling your hair at home, you don't always end up with shiny smooth hair like you do after a trip to a hairdresser's?
This article is a must-read if you're after shiny, silky hair! No need to go to the salon for shiny, healthy-looking hair. Follow these tips and make the most of your heat styling tools without leaving your home!

Hair dryers and straighteners are believed to cause damage to your hair and dry it out. But if you use the right tools and the right products, your hair can gleam with health and look shiny without the damage. Your hair needs the heat to smooth the cuticles so a hair dryer or a straightener can actually work for and not against you. Let us show you how to bring out the maximum shine for your hair.

Hair dryer:

••Always apply heat protecting serum to you hair before using heat styling tools.

••Avoid blow-drying your hair immediately after washing. Ideally, you will let your hair dry naturally for at least 15 – 20 minutes before blow-drying. You can speed the process up by lightly drying your hair with a towel and squeezing out any excess water.

••Set your hair dryer to medium rather than to a high temperature to avoid damage and divide your hair into sections so that all hair cuticles get sealed properly.

••Always point the airflow downwards, towards the ends of your hair, which will make the cuticles lie flat and ultimately help you achieve smooth and shiny hair.

••Use heat-activated shampoos, conditioners and serums as they release moisture when you use a heat styling tool like a hair dryer. For example, Sunsilk’s radiant shine shampoo and conditioner is an ideal way to boost the shine in your hair when styling.

••Finish blow-drying off with a blast of cold air, this will help seal the cuticles of your hair.

••If you have straight hair, use a hair dryer in a downward vertical direction to help smooth out the frizz.


••First and foremost, choose the right straightener for your hair length and type. For long hair, a wider plate will work better, whereas for shorter hair, go for a ½ inch to an inch-wide plate. .

••Always go for a ceramic or a titanium plated straightener as this type distributes heat evenly and leaves the surface of your hair smoother and shinier.

••Make sure you apply good heat protection serum to your hair before straightening, as this will prevent your hair from damage and dryness.

••To minimise damage, ensure your hair is completely dry before you start straightening.

••For a long-lasting shine, finish off with frizz controlling serum.


••Just because you have curls doesn’t mean you need to lose out on shiny healthy hair. A curling iron/wand can become your best friend if you learn how to use it properly. First, determine the size that’s right for your hair type and volume. A smaller curling iron will work for fine or soft hair.  Thick and voluminous hair needs a sturdier curling iron for best results.

•Remember to apply mousse or heat protection serum before curling you hair, which will make your curls look softer.

•For sharper and more defined curls, work them away from your face.

•Use shine spray or light hold hair spray to keep your curls in place and make them glisten.

•Apply a little leave-in conditioner before using the curling iron to keep your hair well-hydrated despite the heat treatment.

••Wash your hair the night before and let it dry naturally. For best results, the following morning apply leave-in conditioner or curling mousse to your dry hair before styling.

Now you know the secret to shiny hair, regardless of what tools you use! So what are you waiting for? Style your shiny smooth hair! 

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