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Two women with thick black hair. One is holding a red apple, the other is wearing large headphones and looking over the first's shoulder.

Top tips to shine at an interviews

Tips for the right hair-prep for an interview


At an interview, the key is to choose a hairstyle that highlights your individuality without going overboard.

Don'ts -
• Frizzy hair
• Accessorizing your hair with beads, clips

• Covering face with hair

• Hats or bandanas

• Messy Hair

Do's -
• Wash your hair the night before the interview.

• Be as simple as possible.

• Make a nice loose bun if you have curls

• If you have straight, thin and limp hair, keeping it down with a simple hairband is the perfect solution for a neat and professional interview look!


It’s your time to shine at an interview with that gorgeous smile of yours.