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Two women with thick black hair. One is holding a red apple, the other is wearing large headphones and looking over the first's shoulder.




Making a good impression in a job interview is crucial, particularly when you only have one shot at making a positive impression!

Your hair can really change the way people perceive you. Whenever you try a new hairstyle, it brings to light a new side of your personality. At interview, the key is to choose a hairstyle that highlights your individuality without going crazy or overboard. After all, grooming yourself and looking your very best really boosts your confidence too.
• Frizz and unkempt hair is not acceptable!
• Accessorising your hair with beads, clips and other jazz can be a show stopper. However, the interviewer might get the impression that you are trying too hard to please them with your looks.
• Don’t let your hair cover your face. Remember, eye contact at interviews is vital!
• Hats or bandanas are too informal for interviews. Even if they reflect your style, be prepared to skip them that day.
• Ensure that humidity, rain or strong wind don't mess up your hair. Consider these factors and prepare for such situations.
Do's -
• Wash your hair the night before the interview. It will smooth and tame your hair and save you time on the big day!
• Go for clothes and make-up that suit your hairstyle. However, remember that simplicity and professionalism will improve your chances to make a good 'first impression'.
• Know your hair type and decide whether to wear your hair down or put it up in a neat ponytail or a bun.
• Long and thick hair should be worn in a ponytail or bun, which will stop you from unknowingly playing with your hair.
Tips for all hair types -
• Straight and silky hair should be worn down in a neat fashion. Ensure your hair does not cover your face or eyes and you are in control of its movement. A tight ponytail helps highlight your facial expressions.
• If you've been blessed with beautiful, bouncy curls, make a nice loose bun or let them be. Make sure that your curls are not frizzy.
• If you have a bob cut/short hair, keeping your forehead clear by pinning the fringe will work well.
• If you have straight, thin and limp hair, keeping it down with a simple hairband is the perfect solution for a neat and professional interview look!
If you're about to pursue a career in the corporate world, follow our tips and you will ace this interview! Remember to charm them with that beautiful smile of yours!

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